The 2017 Health Fair is Coming in April!

For the second year, the Health Fair has teamed up with San Luis Valley Health

The fair will feature free on-site screenings for participants 18 and older including: Blood Pressure, Height Weight Body Mass Index, as well as several new screenings including: “Talk to a Provider”, ask medical questions and several other vendor screenings!

$30   Blood Chemistry

$15   Complete Blood Count

$40   Vitamin D

$25   HgA1c (Hemoglobin A1C)

$15   Blood Type 

$25   PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) MEN ONLY

$40    Iron and Iron Binding

$40    Hepatitis C

$25    Vitamin B12

$30    Testosterone - Men

$40    Testosterone - Women

$20   Colon Cancer Screening Kit

 For your convenience, the Health Fair will offer pre-draws every Friday up to a month before the fair:

Conejos County Hospital

19021 Hwy 285, La Jara, CO 81140 719-274-5121

Each Friday Beginning April 7th 


walk-ins welcome

Monte Vista Community Clinic

103 Chico Court Monte Vista, CO 81144 719-587-1225

Fridays Beginning March 3rd

 7-11 am

walk-ins welcome

Online Registration

For more information contact:

Mary Rice

Lab Director


[email protected]

Brent Lehto

Lab Manager


[email protected]

Donna Wehe

PR & Marketing


[email protected]

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