Ryan McDaid, DC, recently joined the San Luis Valley Health as the second chiropractor with Aaron Polzin, DC. Not always on this particular career path, a pain in Ryan’s knee changed the course of his heart.  Suffering a sports injury in high school, Ryan had surgery and physical therapy, but he found no relief for the pain that ensued. Then,  as a pharmaceutical undergrad student, he had an appointment with a chiropractor.

Great Care from Personal Experience

“That was 13-14 years ago and I still don’t have problems with the knee,” he said.  “That kind of opened my eyes to a different approach to healthcare. I spent some time in his office watching what he did and then learning about chiropractic.”

He would go on to graduate from Western State Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon, and then work for an internist who practiced chiropractic. “There is not just one way to do chiropractic; there are a multitude of techniques and he was a master of all trades, so that was an exceptional experience,” he said. Later, Ryan worked for a wellness/rehab clinic before returning to Western as a clinician’s assistant.  While inPortland, Ryan also worked for a high volume acute care clinic and then he established a private clinic where colleagues often referred patients suffering from headaches.

Though he doesn’t claim a specialty, he said his athletic background lends toward helping patients with sports related injuries. He also enjoys acute care. “I have had more than one patient crawl in through the door at my clinic and then to spend 45 minutes to an hour with them and see them walk out with a smile on their face, that is pretty rewarding,” he said.

Working as a Team

The offer to work at SLV Health appealed to Ryan on several levels. Personally, he and his wife Tammy were ready for a change of climate—from rainy Portland weather to the sunny Valley. Professionally, he liked the idea of being able to work in a multidisciplinary setting. “To be under the same roof as these other providers, I think it is an exceptional way to help care for people,” he said, referencing the other medical clinics at SLV Health and how they work together for the good of their patients.

Dr. McDaid is accepting patients in at the Monte Vista Medical Clinic, 852-9400, and at Conejos County Hospital and Clinics at, 274-5121.

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