San Luis Valley Health is here. On Monday, after months of preparation, the integration of Conejos County Hospital (CCH) and San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center (SLVRMC) has happened.

The two are now San Luis Valley Health (SLVH), one organization with over 575 employees and 60+ providers serving two hospitals and five clinic locations in Alamosa, La Jara, Antonito and Monte Vista. The new name reveals a broader focus for the organization, not centered on a single building or place.

Partner With the Community

"Our goal is to be a partner with our community through good health," said San Luis Valley Health CEO Konnie Martin. "This opportunity is enhanced by our ability to work together as a system of care for our patients. Formalizing our relationship is a natural step toward our future."

System integration allows SLVH the ability to provide quality care no matter where patients are seen in the San Luis Valley. For instance, because the records of a patient who is seen at the SLVH Antonito Clinic, or perhaps at the SLVH Monte Vista Medical Clinic, are now in the same electronic medical records (EMR) system, they are easily accessed by specialty clinics, such as orthopedics, located in the SLVH Stuart Avenue Clinic in Alamosa. This eliminates duplication of testing and relieves any burden on the patient to keep track of their records between facilities.

The Health of the Whole Valley

"This demonstrates our mission of health for the entire Valley population," said San Luis Valley Health CCH CEO Henry Garvin. "This includes acute care, hospitals, emergency medicine, primary care, specialty physicians, behavioral health, wellness, advanced illness management, and other aspects."

The new structure offers several advantages to both hospitals, putting them in a better position to address upcoming changes in healthcare. "One of our goals is to develop a sustainable financial and business model," said Martin. Retaining quality staff, having centralized billing, and ensuring standardization of nursing and hospital care are all part of the bigger picture of what SLVH provides to the communities across the valley.

The SLVH Board – composed of members from the former SLVRMC and CCH boards – continues to be responsible for governance in areas such as patient quality, clinical safety, service, strategy and finances for the combined organization. "We have been partners (SLVRMC and CCHC) for the past 10 years," said Board Chairman Jan Gay. "Our Boards have been working closely together and integrating our organizations is a natural progression. This is a logical next step and we believe that we can serve the Valley best by combining our organizations. Our goal is to improve access to healthcare within our system of care."

Providing Improvements for Employees

SLVH Human Resources programs and benefits for SLVRMC employees remain consistent, while CCH employees are seeing some differences. Mandy Crockett, HR Director, said, "We are providing human resource support to make the transition smooth. The majority of changes are positive and a gain for our employees."

New signs and printed material are going into place as San Luis Valley Health (or its abbreviation) now precedes the name of each hospital and clinic in this way:

  1. San Luis Valley Health Regional Medical Center
  2. San Luis Valley Health Conejos County Hospital
  3. SLVH RMC Clinic
  4. SLVH Stuart Avenue Clinic
  5. SLVH Monte Vista Medical Clinic
  6. SLVH Monte Vista PRO Therapy
  7. SLVH La Jara Clinic
  8. SLVH Antonito Clinic

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