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Kay Bone, APRN-C

About Kay
Primary Service:

Kay Bone, APRN, MSN, BC is a Certified Adult Gerontological Nurse Practitioner who joined the care team at SLV Health with an emphasis on attending to the patients in the local long-term care facilities. She co-owned a primary care practice in Tennessee, seeing adults and seniors for their health care needs, for over 14 years.  She directed the first acute care Stroke Center in upper East Tennessee.  Born in Houston, Bone received her Masters of Science degree in Nursing from the Primary Health Care of Adults and Geriatrics University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver.  Her successful career has included research, publications, and presentations on a variety of long-term care topics. She has excellent assessment and management skills in dealing with adult patients which have included diagnosing, prescribing, counseling, referring to specialties, and patient and family teaching.

Kay and her husband spend time with their adult children. She loves to sew, hike, motorcycle ride (her own), play with their dogs, and visit with their eight grandkids.

Kay commented about her opportunity to care for the elderly here in the SLV.  “Caring for the elderly is my passion.  I love being able to bring meaning and healing to their lives.”