Emergency Department Facility Fee

At San Luis Valley Health, we are committed to consumer transparency and quality. It is important to us that patients and families have the information they need about the cost of care within both of our hospitals, at the Regional Medical Center in Alamosa as well as at Conejos County Hospital in La Jara. If you would like to view the costs for common procedures that are not emergent, go to the Price Transparency page.

What is a facility fee?

When patients need emergency care, hospitals charge a facility fee to pay for the patient's care. Facility fees are based on how much care the patient needs on a scale from one to five.

How do you determine the facility fee?

Patients who need a higher level of care will be charged a higher facility fee. The facility fee is based on how involved the illness or injury is and the patient's specific needs and resources required. These resources may include technical staff, special equipment, time with nurses or other life-saving measures.

A Level 1 facility fee may be charged for a medical condition that can be diagnosed and addressed with very few steps. A Level 5 facility fee may be charged for a condition that requires multiple types of tests and multiple complex clinical interventions. The facility fee level is not determined solely based on a patient's diagnosis. The services rendered at bedside and the coordination of care could result in different facility fees charged than other patients with a similar diagnosis.

Facility Fee Charges for Emergency Rooms

The information below does not apply to patients who have health insurance through Medicaid, other government programs, or an employer. If a patient has health insurance, the amount the patient owes will depend on their plan and can include deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurances. If you have health insurance, you should call your health insurer to find out what you would need to pay for services at SLV Health.

A typical emergency department visit will incur other charges that are not included in the facility fee. You may see separate charges on your bill for services such as imaging, labs, procedures, pharmacy, and supplies. If you have questions about your bill, please contact our Patient Account Representatives at (719) 587-6364.

Please note that the facility fee charges below do not include physician or advanced practice providers’ services. Patients may receive a separate bill for these services.

Charges are listed using the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes for the level of service. Please contact Patient Accounts at (719) 587-6364 or email patientaccounts@slvrmc.org.

For more information for those patients without health insurance, on how to qualify for the self-pay or prompt-pay discount, please call
(719) 587-6364