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Stephanie L. Miner 5K Walk and Run 2021

About This Event

#Gameonthecure!  Come join the 18th annual Stephanie L. Miner 5K Walk and Run.  It takes place on Saturday, September 18, 2021.

Participants are encouraged to wear their Stephanie L. Miner 5K Walk/Run shirts.  Shirts may be purchased from The SLV Health Foundation . 

All proceeds benefit the SLV Health Regional Medical Center.

You can register by calling Kelly Gurule at 719-587-5707 or Jamie Mortensen at 719-587-6359.

Pre-registration is $30 per person, and teams of 10 or more can pre-register for $25 per person. 

  • Cost:


  • Registration Information:

    Register by phone

  • Coordinators Coordinators
    • Jamie Mortensen, SLV Health, Foundation Assistant