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Coumadin Clinic

Anticoagulation Management

SLV Health Anticoagulation Management Services (AMS) provides patients with “point of care” INR testing as frequently as needed to support patient success. We provide information and education regarding Coumadin/warfarin use and management.

You do need to be referred by your primary care physician to establish with our clinic.

Coumadin Services are available at the Monte Vista Community Clinic, La Jara Medical Clinic, and Stuart Avenue Clinic, Call 719-589-8008 For more Information.

To fax, use (719) 589-8012.

Coumadin/Anticoagulation Management services are offered by

Helianta Negrini

RN Case Manager

Why Would I Need Anticoagulation Management?

Anticoagulation medications can be effective, but they also come with the risk of some severe side effects such as coughing up blood, difficulty breathing, and severe back pain. At our Coumadin clinic, we can monitor your vital signs and make sure that the medication is not having any adverse effects. We can also instruct you on proper use of the medication and inform you when you should start decreasing your dosage.

Appointments do not take very long. All we need to do is take a small blood sample and analyze is to ensure the medication is working effectively. We can also answer any of your questions and let you know of any foods or medications that could interact with your anticoagulation medication.