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OB/Nursery in the Women’s Center

A Place for Parents & Babies and Gynecology Surgery Recovery

Our Labor and Delivery team provides a wide range of women's health services. We offer top quality treatment to expecting mothers and provide a safe and comfortable environment to give birth. At San Luis Valley Health, we facilitate over 400 births per year and provide the only labor and delivery services in the San Luis Valley.

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What to Bring for Your Visit

We want you to be as prepared as possible for the arrival of your new baby. The following are a few items that you may want to have packed and ready to bring with you to the hospital: robe, slippers, socks, nursing bra or good supportive bra, cosmetics, toiletry items, going home outfit for the baby, receiving blanket, camera or video camera, and an infant car seat (Colorado law mandates the use of infant seat when traveling by car).

*Note: Please leave valuables at home

SLV Health Women's Health Clinic offers a wide variety of OB/GYN services for women of all ages.

Obstetrician & gynecologist providers are Dr. Carmelo Hernandez, Dr. Amy Robertson, and Dr. Sarah Lewing.

Certified midwives are Shannon Gonzales and Stephanie Posorske, who is also a Certified Lactation Consultant.

From menstruation, to childbirth, to menopause, and many issues in between, the OB-GYNs and Midwives treat the whole person in order to have the best quality of life possible. To read more about their services, go to the Women's Health page. For information about free childbirth classes, please call (719) 587-5733.

Women's center services are provided by Carmelo Hernandez, MD; Sarah Lewing, MD; Amy Robertson, MD, Shannon Gonzales, CNM, and Stephanie Posorske, CNM.

Labor and delivery services are offered at Regional Medical Center. Call (719) 587-1400 to make an appointment. To fax this department, please use (719) 587-1424.