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Direct to Consumer

What is Direct to Consumer Laboratory Testing (DTC)?

Direct to Consumer Laboratory Testing (DTC) is part of a wellness program offered by San Luis Valley Health (SLV HEALTH) providing you the option to order selected lab tests on your own, from a limited DTC menu, without a physician’s order. Your payment for the Direct Access Laboratory Test is required up front, by cash, check or credit card, along with an address and phone number.

Typically results will be mailed to you within four days of collection. If your results are critical results, requiring urgent medical attention by a physician, you will immediately be called with your results. A waiver explaining DTC specifics must be reviewed and signed prior to the specimen collection. Persons under 18 years old will require a parent or legal guardian to sign.

DTC Forms and Helpful Information:

San Luis Valley Health has accredited laboratories with two locations serving the public:

The Laboratory Medical Director is Mark Shuldberg, DO

For more information about RMC’s lab, contact Brent Lehto, Director of Laboratory, at (719) 587-1226. Our fax number is (719) 587-1374.

For more information about CCH’s lab, contact Myra Aquino, Laboratory Supervisor, at (719) 274-6021. Our fax number is (719) 274-6022.