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Radiology Billing Questions

SLV Health is proud to partner with Radiology and Imaging Consults, P.C. out of Colorado Springs. This group of professionals is committed to excellence in service and clinical quality while providing compassionate care for our patients. Our entities will provide separate billing and below are some frequently asked questions which are answered by our partners at RIC.

1. I never saw the radiologist, so why am I being billed?

Radiologists are expert consultants who use medical imaging to diagnosis and assist in medical care. Radiology tests are ordered by your physician and the radiologist is the one who provides the interpretation of those imaging tests in order to further your medical care. Although you may never see the radiologist that provides service for you, the role of radiology in evaluation and treatment is crucial to accurate diagnosis and proper care.

2. I thought I already paid the hospital for this?

Radiology services are billed by both the facility (hospital) and the reading radiologists. The facility charges a technical fee that covers the use of equipment, the supplies, and the radiology technician. The radiologists charge a professional fee which covers the actual interpretation of the exam.

3. I gave my information to the hospital so why don’t you have it?

Our billing office is not located on the hospital campus. Therefore, we rely on the hospital to send us your updated and correct information. Since the hospital is responsible for disseminating information to all providers there can sometimes be a gap in information. We strive to get all the information we need from the hospital but sometimes it is necessary to contact the patient for further clarification.

4. Can I set up a payment plan?

Yes! We do offer payment plans. Please contact our billing office at 1-855-896-8447 so our billing staff can set up a payment plan that is tailored to your individual account.

5. Do you charge interest on your payment plans?

We do not charge interest on the payment plans.

6. Do you offer discounts?

We do offer discounts for patients without insurance; please contact our billing office at 1-855-896-8447. Unfortunately we cannot offer a discount to patients who have a balance left after insurance has paid. When we contract with an insurance company we agree to a “contract write-off”, or discount, of the service and we are not allowed to further discount the service for the patient’s balance. We can, however, set up a payment plan.

7. Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, if your bill is from Radiology and Imaging Consultants, click here.

If you bill is from SLV Health, click here.