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Patient Portal

To open the patient portal, log in here:

Visit the Patient Portal

For visually impaired, login here:

Visually Impaired Portal Login

Set Up a New Patient Portal Account

Click here for a guide on how to register your User Name and Password in order to login.

Click here for a playlist of videos on how to use the Patient Portal.

If you already set up your new portal account at your clinic appointment, please check your email for directions, or contact SLVH's Customer Service Team at Tegria to set up a new account, Monday-Friday, 8-4:30 at 719-587-1392, and press 1.

Support for your Current Patient Portal Account

Click here for directions on how to reset your password.

If you have been locked out or cannot access your current portal account, please contact SLVH's Customer Service Team at Tegria, Monday-Friday, 7:00 am - 10:00 p.m. (719) 587-1392, press 1, or email

Test Results

Please be aware that test results that are flagged abnormal (e.g. results that are out of the normal range), may be normal for you due to your medical condition. Your physician will contact you to discuss any test results that may be of concern to your medical condition.

How to Join Your Video Visit on the Portal

How to check in/start your Video Visit with your provider (video guide)

Click here for a guide on how to navigate your video (telehealth) visit in the patient portal.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about the Patient Portal

Please review our FAQ page.

How to Get the App on your Cell Phone

Click below to download from the Apple App Store.

Click below to download from Google Play.

Terms of Use

The Patient Portals are NOT to be used for urgent or emergency situations. In the event of an emergency, call 911, or go directly to the emergency room.

By navigating to either patient portal page, you are a patient who has been given access to their electronic chart at San Luis Valley Health or have been given permission to access a family member's chart (from the patient) at San Luis Valley Health. By agreeing to the “Terms of Use”, you agree to be responsible for the information you have been given access to and to maintain strict confidentiality with regard to that information. Please review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for the Patient Portal you have registered for. The patient is solely responsible for the security and privacy of their username and password. View the Patient Portal Terms of Use.

Medical Records Questions or Additional Help

For questions related to medical records, please see our Medical Records page with Frequently Asked Questions or Patient Condition Reports. They also can help set up your new patient portal during normal business hours.

If you need help accessing your current patient portal, please contact SLVH's Customer Service Team at Tegria, Monday-Friday, 7:00 am - 10:00 p.m. (719) 587-1392 or email