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About the SLV Health Foundation

The vision of the San Luis Valley Health Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is “Making Exceptional Healthcare Possible.” This simple statement captures what we believe is our commitment to the entire community, and we would like to invite everyone to join with so many others who have taken our mission to heart.

Every minute of every day, the team of professionals at San Luis Valley Health works tirelessly to care for your family, your neighbor or your closest friend.

Thanks to the generosity of individuals, corporations and organizations, our physicians and staff are able to provide outstanding medical care for our patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

We rely on donor’s support to provide many of the invaluable programs unique to San Luis Valley Health, such as the Stephanie L. Miner Women’s Imaging Center and the San Luis Valley Health Cancer Center.

With this support, a donation to the SLV Health Foundation is not only a gift of health for everyone in the San Luis Valley, it’s also a gift of compassionate and professional treatment right where we all work, live and raise families.

We invite you to join us in giving the gift of health and hope to our patients and their families! Your gift makes a difference in their lives, and we thank you!

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San Luis Valley Health Foundation