Foundation Board of Directors

The SLV Health Foundation Board is a volunteer, philanthropic group of citizens throughout the San Luis Valley who serve as champions for the hospital and raise money for its ongoing needs.

We are sincerely grateful to our dedicated board for all they do to help make exceptional healthcare possible in the San Luis Valley.

San Luis Valley Health Foundation Board Members

  • President: Sheila Hicks
    President: Sheila Hicks
  • Vice President: Jeff Motz
    Vice President: Jeff Motz
  • Treasurer: Duane Bussey
    Treasurer: Duane Bussey
  • Secretary: Mary Motz
    Secretary: Mary Motz
  • Russell Achatz
    Russell Achatz
  • Rosalie Martinez
    Rosalie Martinez
  • Roxann Sittler
    Roxann Sittler
  •  Jacki Kennedy
    Jacki Kennedy