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Our organization has been serving the San Luis Valley since 1927. A brief history is below:

Alamosa Hospital (1927 - 1928)

Founded in 1927, the original hospital was located at 715 Main Street in Alamosa and owned and operated by Dr. Charles A. Davlin.

Lutheran Hospital Association of the San Luis Valley (1928 – 1937)

In 1928, Dr. Davlin turned the hospital over to the newly organized Lutheran Hospital Association. At that time the going rate for major surgery was $10 and only $5 for minor surgery. In 1937 a new hospital with space for 50 beds was built further away from downtown.

Alamosa Community Hospital (1937 – 1987)San Luis Valley Medical Professional Clinic staff in 1974.

Elton Reese became hospital Administrator and managed operations for 35 years. He oversaw the addition of a laboratory, EEG machine, and the San Luis Valley Medical Professional Clinic, which was added in 1974.

In the early 1990’s the hospital built a $6.2 million addition including a new ambulance service facility, expanded emergency room, a new OB/Gyn wing, 10 more beds in the medical/surgical wing, and a more streamlined admitting / discharging area.

San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center (1987 – 2013)

As the Alamosa Community Hospital moved into the 21st Century, it became the San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center (SLVRMC). In preparation, the organization added a helipad to the rooftop of the third floor as well as the Valley’s first MRI machine. The new North Wing was completed in 1998. SLVRMC partnered with Conejos County Hospital in 2003 to ensure access to quality care in the southern end of the San Luis Valley. Soon after, the SLV Medical Professional Clinic (a clinic of specialty physicians) became a division of SLVRMC thereby incorporating 45 additional providers. By 2012, SLVRMC had tripled its workforce to nearly 500 staff members to serve the Valley’s healthcare needs.

San Luis Valley Health (2013+)Entrance to San Luis Valley Hospital

In 2013, SLVRMC integrated with the Conejos County Hospital Corporation, to create a new entity – San Luis Valley Health- that included 2 hospitals and 6 clinics.

With increased expansion of our service area, community outreach programs, and the addition of 3-D mammography, nuclear medicine, Cardiology, Cardiac Rehab services, oncology, urology, podiatry, ENT and much more, San Luis Valley Health is making it possible for Valley residents to receive state-of-the-art healthcare, right here at home.

SLV Health hosts the SLV Medical Wall of Fame on the Second Floor of Regional Medical Center, 106 Blanca Ave, Alamosa

In 2016, the first class was inducted. To view or download the personal biographies for each member of each class, click on the appropriate links below.

SLV Health celebrates 90 Year Anniversary in 2017 "90 years young, we've only just begun"

For a look back in time, access a scanned copy of the historical book, "A History of Service" by Dr. Gordon Gillson, click here.

90 Years History Posters:

San Luis Valley Health celebrating 90 years banner