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Pulmonary Rehab

About Rehab

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary program of care for patients with chronic respiratory impairment that is individually tailored and designed to optimize physical and social performance and autonomy.

Pulmonary Rehab is covered by most insurance companies, including Medicare.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation has been a life saving pathway between inactivity and activity, isolation and socialization, depression and hope, and from being an observer of life to an active participant,Jo Kreps, CRT


Pulmonary Rehab is proven to reduce and improve respiratory symptoms. Proven to improve breathing and quality of life. Also, to reduce hospitalizations due to respiratory symptoms.

Services Offered

The physical conditioning portion of Pulmonary Rehab will consist of individually designed hour classes. We offer a variety of exercises and exercise equipment to meet your needs. In addition, our program provides education and consultation pertaining to:

Lifestyle change, nutrition, information on medication side effects and proper usage, understanding oxygen and use, importance of exercise, and more.


A physician/provider order is required to participate. The program is designed for individuals who have experienced:

Obstructive diseases: COPD, persistent asthma, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, interstitial fibrosis, sarcoidosis, multiple sclerosis, lung cancer and more, just ask!