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Gary Senula, MD

About Gary
Primary Service:

Gary Senula, MD joined San Luis Valley Health Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department in March, 2013. Dr. Senula has served in emergency medicine for more than 20 years, including serving as medical director of a hospital emergency department in Pennsylvania. This experience not only enhanced his skills as a doctor, it also opened his eyes to the business side of healthcare; that is why today he has a Master's of Business Administration.

Dr. Senula says that he needed business skills and a better understanding of wait times. He explains that while emergency medicine may not be predictable in the short term because of the nature of emergency situations, overall patterns of demand can be identified. For example, certain periods of the day are typically busier than other times.

From the waiting area to the examination room, Dr. Senula said he enjoys the wide spectrum of patients he sees. Sometimes that means being able to help the patient right away – for example, helping them recover from an asthmatic or cardiac event or admitting them to the hospital for more intensive care or observation.

The decision to move west with his wife Ann had a lot to do with their desire to live in a small town and be close to the mountains. Away from work, the couple likes to hike and bike. On the job, Dr. Senula said his goals are the same wherever he works: "I want to do the best job I can and I want to help people."