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A Patient's Note

Below is a note that was recently left as part of a feedback form distributed to patients at San Luis Valley Health.

"I am from Bear Creek and my permanent home is in Tennessee, but I am here 6-7 months per year. In the past I have had several occasions that required Physical Therapy. I can, without reservation, say that this has been the best PT that I have ever received. The staff (Nenita and Terri) has worked together in such a professional way that we are lucky in the valley to have this quality of service. Thank you for providing them for us. It has been a great experience."

Those were the words of Larry Grass, a Physical Therapy patient of San Luis Valley Health. We know that choosing and receiving any kind of healthcare is a very personal decision, as well as very private to many individuals. Therefore, we thank Mr. Grass for sharing his experience and are glad that it was a positive one.

“Our staff does a fantastic job in providing a wide array of services to our patients,” said Charlie Reich, Director of PRO Therapy. “Therapists like Nenita Covert and our entire staff strive to provide excellence for each one of our patients, and it always good to hear their feedback.”

To explore all of the services that PRO Therapy offers, including Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy, visit their page by clicking the link below.

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