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Ola Bovin New Infection Control Practitioner

Ola Bovin

The San Luis Valley Health Department of Clinical Excellence is pleased to welcome Ola Bovin as the newest member of their team.  Bovin assumes the role of Infection Control Practitioner and will work to both monitor prevent infections from happening.

“We are pleased to have Ola join our team,” said Kim Chacon, Director of Clinical Excellence at San Luis Valley Health.

Chacon’s team has helped SLV Health become a model organization when it comes to reducing readmissions and infection rates.  For their efforts, both SLV Regional Medical Center and Conejos County Hospital were recognized by the Colorado Hospital Association in January as having made significant progress in reducing readmissions and infection rates.

Bovin had worked in Medical Surgery for SLV Health close to seven years ago.  For the past six years, he has worked in public health across the six San Luis Valley counties monitoring infectious diseases and making sure families and others around the sick person were okay.  Bovin researched some of those cases and then provided information to the public on how to stay healthy.

“Ola’s expertise in infection prevention and educating the public on how to stay healthy will be a major asset for our team,” Chacon went on to say.  “We will look to him to help us educate our entire workforce, as well as patients, on how they can create healthy environments to avoid illness.”

Bovin has already begun working with employees, helping with immunizations, TB tests, and fit testing for the N-95 mask.  He also is glad to answer infection control questions.

Staff: Need to see Ola? 

Ola is available every Tuesday between 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. at 201 Carson Ave.  He can help with immunizations, TB tests, fit testing for the N-95 mask, and can also answer infection control questions.

Give him a call at (719) 587-1379 if you have any questions!