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Local Business Leaders Aide in Diabetes Services

Lynae Mahnez

When they heard that their employee’s wife was struggling with her diabetes, local business owners Bob and Rita Carlucci, owners of Carlucci’s and Colorado Sports, just wanted to help.  

“We had hired this employee and had been nothing but impressed by his work ethic and good character,” said Rita.  “When we found out his wife was struggling to even just get her diabetes medication, we wanted to do something to help.”

The Carlucci’s, who have been in business in the San Luis Valley since 1980, set out to do just that.  They enlisted the Diabetes Services of San Luis Valley Health and have been more than satisfied at the service and care their employee’s wife has received as a patient.

“San Luis Valley Health has been fantastic in the care they have provided,” said Bob.  “Our employee’s wife now receives the medicine and help that she deserves.  We are thankful that these services are available to the people of our community.”

San Luis Valley Health offers four different programs for people living with diabetes, including classes and support groups throughout the San Luis Valley.

If you are interested in learning more about the Diabetes Services offered at San Luis Valley Health, visit the website or contact Diabetes Patient Navigator Lynae Martinez at (719) 587-5785 to set up a consultation.