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Radiology Team to Add New CT-Scanner

San Luis Valley Health is pleased to announce that the Radiology Department will soon add a new 128-Slice CT Scanner (commonly referred to as a CAT Scan) to its suite of imaging equipment. 

The new machine is made by General Electric and has many features that will benefit the patients of San Luis Valley Health.

As part of SLV Health’s 2014-15 Strategy Map, the organization committed to becoming “Providers of Choice for Healthcare”.  One of the tactics to achieving this was increasing the access to care for our population, and the addition of this equipment was done with that promise in mind.

Switching from 64-Slice to 128-Slice

The Radiology Department is currently using a 64-slice CT Scanner, but that machine is currently on its way out to make room for the new 128-slice CT Scanner. 

The difference in the two machines is that the 128-slice provides thinner slices of the image taken, giving physicians more information and a sharper image.  Its new software also reduces the amount of radiation received by a patient and has a faster start to finish time.  Faster exams improve patient’s comfort and their overall experience.

Additional Advantages

The new scanner will also be able to provide CT-Fluoroscopy, which can be used during biopsies and drainages, McGinnis went on to explain.

“Normally, patients would have to leave the Valley for this type of service,” said McGinnis.  “Now, they won’t have to.”

As a reminder, patients who do have to leave the Valley for services not offered at SLV Health are referred to our partners at Radiology and Imaging Consultants (RIC) in Colorado Springs.  The physicians at RIC were recently featured in the “2014 Top Docs” edition of Colorado Springs Style Magazine.


Beginning December 8th, a mobile unit will be available to SLV Health for one week.  Starting on December 15th, the new 128-slice CT Scanner will be housed permanently in the SLV Health Radiology Department and available for patient use.

The Radiology Department is available by calling 719-587-1231.