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A Successful Vegetable Garden

The PRO-Fit Healthy Lifestyles program has worked hard this summer, bringing the San Luis Valley Health garden back to life after the winter season. 

The garden started with funding provided by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  With a focus of growing vegetables in containers, and with the hard work of the PRO-Fit Garden classes run by Lee Alsbaugh-LeSueur, a small oasis of green has emerged. 

Many thanks to Amy and Wade Price of North River Greenhouse & Landscaping, who shared their horticulturist and landscape designer, Stephanie Coley, to help PRO-Fit participants learn how to prepare, plant and grow a beautiful garden.  With participants already harvesting radishes, lettuce and other garden items, some have been inspired to start their own gardens at home as a part of their healthy lifestyle goals. 

The seven- week Garden session is just one of the programs offered along with the customary 16-week Pro-Fit lifestyle change program.  Pro-Fit has classes for adults, families and school age children to help them make positive lifestyle changes and to help prevent or delay the onset of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and obesity.

All this hard work has paid off and PRO-Fit participants, our staff, and our very own kitchen are enjoying a beautiful and productive garden.  In keeping up with the farm-to-table food movement, a big thank you goes to Mark Lara, Dietary/Food Production Director and his staff. 

Enjoy the food that comes directly from our beautiful vegetable garden and enjoy these warm summer days in your own garden. 

For more information on the PRO-Fit Healthy Lifestyles program, please call Lee Alsbaugh-LeSueur at (719) 589-8126 or ask your medical provider for a referral.  Classes start again in September 2014.