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Bonfils Blood Drive A Success

Written by Jefferson Geiger

Thirty-six donors showed up at the Grizzly Education Center on the San Luis Valley Health campus yesterday for the Bonfils Blood Drive, hosted by San Luis Valley Health.

“We were hoping for a turnout of 22 donors, so it was great that we had 36 people come out to donate,” said Kelly Gurule, Director of San Luis Valley Health’s Foundation. 

This was the first time San Luis Valley Health and its employees have hosted this blood drive.

“The whole staff of the Bonfils Blood Drive was amazing,” said Johanna Cura, a Medical Technologist in the San Luis Valley Health Laboratory. “They have made this such a wonderful and encouraging experience.”

“We would like to thank Megan McCarter, Community Donor Representative of Bonfils for all her help,” said Cura. “Thanks to all the donors for giving us 36 pints of lifesaving blood at this drive.”

One pint of blood can help save up to three lives so be sure to mark your calendar for the next drive, which is tentatively scheduled for November 25th.

“I am amazed by the people I worked with,” said Gurule.  “The energy was incredible.  Everyone was truly excited to donate and wanted to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Pictured: SLV Health Board of Trustees Vice-President Jim Ehrlich (right) and his wife Debbie donate blood at the Bonfils Blood Drive