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Kaser Receives LCSW Credential

Katie Kaser recently received her Licensed Clinical Social Worker credential.

Over the past two years, Katie Kaser has served San Luis Valley Health in a variety of ways.  While much of the work she has completed was done behind the scenes, none of it was unimportant and it has made a positive impact on the experiences of countless patients.

“We are fortunate to have someone like Katie on our team,” stated Physician Assistant Kirk Kritner.  “Katie has always been an advocate for our patients and works hard to ensure they are put in the best situations possible.”

Recently, Kaser received her credentialing as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She works to prevent unneeded or unnecessary admissions for patients and serves as an advocate for patients and their families.  Kaser also coordinates services in the community, including end of life care.

“Working with the community of the San Luis Valley and with San Luis Valley Health has been so rewarding,” noted Kaser.  “I have really enjoyed getting to know patients and their families and be an advocate for them when they need one.”

Kaser works with community organizations to ensure that upon discharge, patients are moving to an environment that is both safe and accommodating of their needs. 

“Katie’s role in the organization is one that is vital and ensures that a patient’s experience with us is a seamless one,” said Kathy Rogers, Director of Patient Relations.  “Katie allows us to deliver on the promise of being Your Trusted Partner in Health.”