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Noel Dunne Named SLV Health's Chaplain of the Quarter

Noel Dunne has volunteered as a chaplain for over 20 years.

San Luis Valley Health is pleased to recognize Noel Dunne as the organization’s Chaplain of the Quarter. 

Dunne has served in the capacity of a volunteer chaplain for over 20 years.  During this time, he has served patients of all faiths, as well as their families.  He is also frequently asked to help serve the spiritual needs of patients by other volunteer chaplains.

When visiting with patients, Dunne states that he listens to the patient’s concerns and empathizes with them.  He then asks if they wish to accompany him in prayer.  “It is also important to invite family members to join in the prayer,” explained Dunne.

Over the past 20 years, Dunne has helped hundreds of families with their worries and grief during emergencies.  In addition to the nature of the work, Dunne noted that one of the challenges is being called in, sometimes in the middle of the night, to the Emergency Department. 

“The patient is often unconscious, and the medical team is working around the patient,” explained Dunne.  “The family members are worried and grieving.” 

“We are grateful to have dedicated volunteers like Noel in the Chaplain Program at San Luis Valley Health,” said Kathy Rogers, Director of Public Relations and Development.  “Our chaplains often are a source of peace and comfort for patients and families enduring a traumatic experience.  The time they volunteer is invaluable.”

When asked what motivates Dunne to commit 20 years as a volunteer chaplain, he stated, “My belief is that God is infinitely good and merciful.  God heals and forgives us.  We are all God’s children without exception and must believe this connection is real.  My actions and choices come from this core belief.”