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Celebrate Life: Relay for Life

By Theresa Curtis

Summer is almost here, and it is time to Celebrate Life. One great way to celebrate is through Relay for Life.  This is to honor all who are going through cancer, have been through cancer, are caregivers of someone going through cancer, are friends of someone who is going through cancer, have lost someone to cancer or best of all, are cancer survivors.

This year Rebecca Daniels Breast Navigator and I are co-captains of the SLV Health team. We are excited to get started putting an awesome team together. Our number one goal is to show all those touched by cancer our love, support and pride in them.  Our second goal is to pay it forward to the American Cancer Society for all the ways they support our friends and families on their journey to conquer cancer. 

If you would like to help support our goal in ANY WAY please just give us a call or better yet please go online and join our team. We will be celebrating life all night long. Come drop in for a few, or party all night!  We would just love to see you there!

Thank you!

Theresa Curtis, RN, Oncology Patient Navigator

(719) 587-6319 or

Rebecca Daniels, Navigator

(719) 587-6361 or

Relay for Life 

Rebecca Daniels and Theresa Curtis will captain the Relay for Life team at SLV Health this summer.