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San Luis Valley Health Receives Shirley Hass Schuett Quality Award

The Women’s Wellness Connection Program, a Colorado organization that assists women with free cancer screenings and other healthcare services, has awarded the San Luis Valley Health Women’s Health Clinic with the Shirley Hass Schuett Quality Award.

Shirley Hass was a nurse practitioner who served as the nurse consultant for the Women’s Wellness Connection Program for nearly three years before she passed away in May of 2010. The award goes to programs that place women’s health as a priority in the same way Hass did.

“Our goal is to continue to increase the number of women we reach with the benefits of the WWC Program,” explained Dr. Bethany Kolb, a physician in SLV Health’s Women’s Health Clinic. “This was a welcome recognition that reflects the high standard our team has set when it comes to providing care for women. As their Trusted Partner in Health, our team strives to provide excellent care for the women of the San Luis Valley.”

According to the WWCP, regional award winners were selected by the program’s staff based on fiscal year 2014 performance indicators as indicated on the end of year Progress Report. Winning agencies:

1. Are top performers in program performance indicators

2. Demonstrate improvement in program performance indicators

3. Meet all or most program performance indicators, but are not “Far from Standard” on any indicators.

San Luis Valley Health has met all performance indicators on the final Progress Report for fiscal year 2014 and was a top performer in three program performance indicators. Those three included:

1. Rarely or never screened at initial Pap test

2. Abnormal Breast Screenings with Complete Follow-Up

3. Time from screenings to diagnosis for abnormal breast screening results

Rebecca Daniels is San Luis Valley Health's WWCP Patient Navigator and serves as part of the team guiding individuals through appropriate breast and cervical cancer screenings.

“Over the past year, San Luis Valley Health has stated its commitment to providing care to those patients with various types of cancer,” stated SLV Health CEO Konnie Martin. “Our Women’s Health and Oncology teams are doing a nice job of working together to provide a high level of care across the system for our patients. I believe this recognition to be indicative of that.”

A little bit over one year ago, SLV Health hired Dr. Penny Cooper, the organization’s first full-time Oncologist.

“One of the most rewarding things about being part of San Luis Valley Health is the ability to coordinate care with a variety of specialty physicians, within one organization,” stated Dr. Cooper. “I am proud of our team for receiving this recognition.”