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Women's Health Team Offers Continuing Education to Valley Providers

Dr. Jackie Garrard (right) of the Women's Health team at San Luis Valley Health has scheduled a series of presentations around complicated pregnancies over the past several months.

Over the past several months, the Women’s Health Team from San Luis Valley Health has hosted specialty physicians from across the state to educate Valley providers on issues surrounding high-risk or complicated pregnancies.

The topics that have been discussed include Gestational Diabetes, Pre-Eclampsia, Genetic Testing, and Nutrition.

“Our team has brought in specialists within our Centura network and from across the state to continue educating our providers in the Valley around these topics,” explained Dr. Jackie Garrard, who has coordinated the morning presentations.

Each presentation has drawn attendance from roughly two dozen Women’s Health providers, both from San Luis Valley Health and other healthcare organizations across the San Luis Valley.

“As ‘Your Trusted Partner in Health’, we are committed to ensuring that our teams are aware of the latest information surrounding complicated pregnancies,” said Dr. Garrard. “These presentations have been beneficial to accomplishing that aim.”