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Awards and Recognition OASIS Team Recognizes Employees

Recently, members of the Awards and Recognition OASIS Team went out to recognize some great individuals within the San Luis Valley Health organization.

Video: Watch these awesome employees get recognized.

Diann Martinez: Patient Account Representative--San Luis Valley Health Cardiology

Martinez and colleagues

Diann Martinez (center) is surrounded by colleagues and members of the Awards and Recognition OASIS Team as she is recognized for going above and beyond.

Diann is always going the extra mile to provide excellent customer service. Recently she was recognized for going over and beyond by helping a patient who had been fasting all day and provided them with snacks from our cafeteria after their fasting requirement was over. Her care and consideration is an outstanding example of excellent customer service we provide here at SLV Health. Her department and supervisors wanted to recognize her for an outstanding job!

Ben Gonzales--Laboratory Aide, San Luis Valley Health Conejos County Hospital

 Gonzales and colleagues

Ben Gonzales (center) is surrounded by colleagues and members of the Awards and Recognition OASIS Team as he is recognized recently for his outstanding service to patients and colleagues.

Ben has worked at CCH for 10 years as a Lab Aide in the Laboratory Department.  He was recognized not only for his hard work in the Lab, but all the things he does to go above and beyond for staff.  He has been known to be out in the cold plowing snow at the hospital with his personal tractor on a number of occasions and every morning arrives a little before 3 a.m. to escort the nursing staff into and out of the hospital during shift change.  Ben, your efforts are often unseen by many, but do not go unrecognized!

Ryan "Jake" Mellott--Physical Therapist, San Luis Valley Health Monte Vista Clinic

Ryan "Jake" Mellott (center) is joined by Director of Physical Therapy Charlie Reich (left) and Chief Clinical Officer Patti Thompson (right). Mellott donates countless hours to serving young athletes across the San Luis Valley.

He received recognition not only for his outstanding services but for extended those services out to the community through his Bumps and Bruises Clinic as well as the countless hours he volunteers to student athletes in the Valley.  Thank you Jake for your dedication to our community!

The Mission of the Awards and Recognition OASIS Team is:

"To improve employee recognition by implementing best practice methods to attract and retain talented employees, while ultimately aligning with SLV Health’s vision of being an organization that is a Magnet for Excellent People and a Trusted Partner in Health in our community.”

More information will be forthcoming on how colleagues will be able to recognize their peers for going above and beyond and providing extraordinary service.  Stay tuned to your "At Your Service" newsletter.

The Awards and Recognition Oasis Team consists of: Adam Lawrence, Jim Frye, Elario Rickey, Michelle Gay, David Strank, Vee McAuliffe, Shane Mortensen, Charlie Reich, Mary Rice, Debbie Thomas, and Marisa Fricke.