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Women's Health Encourages Cervical Cancer Screenings

Cervical cancer fast facts sheet

As part of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, the Women’s Health Team at San Luis Valley Health is encouraging women to schedule their annual Pap test if needed, an important step in early detection of cervical cancer. 

Women 21 and older should schedule a Pap test every three to five years if they are sexually active.

San Luis Valley Health has a partnership with the Women’s Wellness Connection Program (WWCP), an organization that helps Colorado women get free breast and cervical cancer screenings.  According to the Women’s Wellness Connection, 92% of women survive cervical cancer when it’s found early through routine tests.

“Receiving a Pap test is the most important step that a woman can take in early detection of cervical cancer,” said Dr. Jackie Garrard, a physician in the Women’s Health Clinic of San Luis Valley Health. 

“As a preventative care service, this screening is covered by your insurance plans even if you have not met your yearly deductible,” Dr. Garrard went on to say.  “Our partnership with the WWCP also helps us provide this service to every woman that comes through our doors.”

This past November, the WWCP awarded San Luis Valley Health with the Shirley Hass Schuett Quality Award for top performance in administering screenings for breast and cervical cancers.

To schedule an appointment with the Women’s Health Team, please call (719) 589-8028.

Did you know?

  • A Pap test can find abnormal cervical cells years before any cancer actually exists.
  • Early on, cervical cancer usually doesn't cause symptoms, so without a test there is no way of knowing it's there.
  • The earlier cervical cancer is found, the better the chances of survival.
  • Receiving a regular Pap test can help you detect and even prevent cancer of the cervix.