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Coordination of Care in Rural Health

Dr. Amy Robertson, of SLV Health, presented on the importance of coordination of care in rural health at the recent Colorado ACOG Maternal Morbidity Conference. 

Her presentation on severing DIC in a concealed abruption in pregnancy highlighted the importance of coordination of care between rural providers and the maternal-fetal medicine at St. Francis Hospital in Colorado Springs.

This was crucial in saving a patient's life, as often in rural health, there is a limited amount of blood products and no platelets available. Dr. Robertson was joined by her senior partner, Dr. Jackie Garrard, who came in that Sunday afternoon to help care for a critically ill patient.

The ACOG  Maternal Morbidity Conference was held in Denver, Colorado on October 21st.

Pictured: Dr. Amy Robertson and Dr. Jacqueline Garrard at the recent ACOG Maternal Morbidity Conference