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SLV Health Hosts Antonito Senior Citizens Event

Rachael Schell presents information to the attendees

ANTONITO, CO.  On Friday, December 2, 2016, about a dozen people braved winter conditions to attend an interactive prevention and educational seminar hosted by Julie Ramstetter, RN, Rachael Schell, RN, and Nenita Covert, PT, MCMT, at the Antonito Senior Center.  Nenita shared, “The idea of a community outreach event came from our health fair.  They enjoyed the hands on approach of screening and demonstrating exercises.  The combination of the two presentations, posture and balance, went over really well with the attendees.” 

Julie Ramstetter and Rachael Schell present information to the attendees

Julie and Rachael know that the Stepping On program gets results.  “Any time we help someone learn about correct body movement, we are helping to prevent falls.  It was so encouraging to see these community members learn something they could apply right away in their everyday lives,” commented Julie.  “At their request, we plan to host a Stepping On series of classes in the spring in Antonito.”

Nenita Covert leads a discussion at the eventNenita Covert leads a discussion at the event

Nenita summed up the outreach event, “We gave out handouts, demonstrated exercises, and helped some folks right on the spot.  Others were encouraged to follow up with their primary care doctors.  It was a great way to be part of the community and I hope we can do it again.”

Julie Ramstetter, pictured above, demonstrates "Stepping On" movements as participants follow her leadJulie Ramstetter, pictured above, demonstrates "Stepping On" movements as participants follow her lead

Virginia Sylvester, Director of the Senior Center in Antonito commented about the event,

“It was lovely and everybody is looking forward to the Stepping On class in the spring.  It already has helped me stand up straighter and the hands on work was really helpful.  I definitely recommend these programs.”