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Women's Center Utilizes Hugs Infant Security

San Luis Valley Health OB department expands infant protection.

OB Nurses care for newborn Micheal Maestas

OB Nurses Lisa Pintor, Anna Salazar and Kaylin Griswold-Hass (from left to right) care for newborn Micheal Maestas

With the addition of the new “Hugs” technology, each baby is fully protected the moment a tamper-detecting Hugs tag is attached, with the exits from the OB unit guarded.

The Women’s Center, “A Place for Moms and Babies,” at SLVH is dedicated to patient safety. This is an investment in reassuring our patients that by improving this safety measure, they can rest assured that their infant is in excellent care.

The Hugs® system delivers an unprecedented level of security against infant abduction but requires little administration and training. The system offers the reliability that hospital staff can depend on every day to keep infants safe.

It's a choice leading hospitals have made. and a choice parents, nurses, administrators and security staff alike can wholly support.

This technology was fully implemented in June, 2016.