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Get Alarmed!

On October 14-15, 2016, Employees at San Luis Valley Health along with local volunteers from the American Red Cross, Southwestern Colorado Territory, and student-athletes from Adams State University will be participating in a Home Fire Prevention Campaign.  The service will be totally FREE!  Anyone in the Alamosa San Luis Valley community is welcome to sign up by contacting Marisa Fricke at (719) 587-1211.Volunteers from the local American Red Cross

Volunteers from the local American Red Cross participated in the successful Lids for Kids event at Cole Park earlier this summer where bike helmets and bikes were given away to the community.  At this event, over 31 families were identified as needing assistance with installing smoke detectors in their homes.  “There’s been a home fire in every county of the San Luis Valley this year.  Help us prevent deaths from home fires,” states Bill Werner, SW Territory Disaster Program Manager.

The service is totally free and will encompass the following services:

  •   Install new smoke detectors
  •   Test your current smoke detectors
  •   Replace and upgrade old smoke detectors
  •   Add additional smoke detectors as necessary

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