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Large crowd turns out for keynote speaker Marcus Engel

Marcus Engel

Approximately 600 valley residents and ASU students attended the “I’m Here” speech by Marcus Engel on August 30 and 31st presented by SLV Health. Through his emotional stories and powerful experiences, Marcus brought the audience out of their seats and into his world. He shared his experience of being hit by a drunk driver, spending over 300 hours on an operating table, overcoming challenges but also teaching us how ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Marcus emphasizes that by having a human presence, by saying simple words like “I’m here” can greatly improve the patient or customer experience tenfold.

Marcus Engel

“It was wonderful to see all the ASU students, SLV Health staff and so many valley residents attend Marcus’s speech. His speech was inspiring, uplifting and motivating. His views on life were outlined in simple terms we could all relate to. This presentation will keep us thinking about how we all can make a positive impact in each other’s lives,” stated Konnie Martin, CEO at SLV Health. “I was fortunate to hear Mr. Engle at a previous conference and his words resonated with every person in the room. We are so pleased he drew large crowds to the event in Alamosa.”

SLV Health would like to graciously thank everyone who attended and Adams State University for hosting Marcus Engel on their campus.

For a free online book, text "Marcus" to 22828.