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San Luis Valley Health Thanks Community for Helping Build the Cancer Center

Dr. Cooper was elated with the opening of the cancer center and remarked, “I am so happy and thankful that this beautiful center is now open. Having us all together will improve patient care. The outpouring support from the community has been phenomenal.”

Konnie Martin, SLV Health CEO, gave the new center a wonderful blessing. To hear the full blessing, please click on the photo above. “Bless this ground that gives of itself to support this structure — the earth teeming with life — and the soil that calls forth our own mortality. May this building live lightly on this earth, using resources sparingly and respectfully. May it be an added blessing to our campus and provide care to those in need.”

Patient Quote:

"I just love this new center! I am able to watch movies in such a welcoming place; even though I've been here for 6 hours, the time passed quickly for me."

Eagle Air Med graciously donated funds to cover the costs of the delicious refreshments prepared by the SLVH nutritional services staff. Kyle Palmer and Pratt Redd join Mark Lara and Melanie Romero in the celebration.

Thank you to our contractors: Many of who were local; who treated our staff and patients in a professional, respectful way as they put their time, talents and labor into the building. From plumbing to landscaping, they all are appreciated! The Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) contributed funds to help create the very beautifully landscaped and functional parking lots in front of the Cancer Center.

Our donors are amazing. From waiting tables or selling cotton candy to donating personal savings, golf tournament proceeds, buying a pin or an auction item, cooking and donating food, providing music, running 5-Ks, roping a steer or shooting a clay pigeon…everyone who helped buy a brick, give their time, or write a check…the outpouring and generosity from the community and beyond has been tremendous. The SLV Health Foundation, chaired by Sheila Hicks, under the direction of Kelly Gurule, say Thank You. Thank you for caring. Thank you for helping build a beautiful new cancer center in the San Luis Valley.

Cindy Palmer, Former CEO of Colorado Choice (SLV HMO-Friday Health Plans): “Our business structure changed and we were able to donate a million dollars to the cancer center. We wanted to keep the money local and give back to the people in this community whom we serve in healthcare together. There wasn’t a better place for these funds to go.”