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SLV Health Introduces Team Based Care

SLVH ed team

SLV Health is implementing Team-Based Care in the primary care clinic at Stuart Avenue in Alamosa this fall of 2018. Team-based care is a proven concept for providing quality health care in the primary care setting. For patients who receive care at the Stuart Ave clinic, they will receive care from their entire care team, based on their individual healthcare needs. The members of the care team will work together to offer patients high-quality, comprehensive primary medical and behavioral health services during each visit.

Starting October 15th, patients will consistently see their same primary care provider/team at each visit. If a patient’s provider happens to be unavailable on the day the patient needs to see them, a knowledgeable provider from the patient’s same care team will deliver their care, which covers a broad range of services from preventative routine exams to on-going care for chronic health conditions. This ensures that the patient’s care is provided by members of the team who know them personally and are aware of their unique healthcare needs.

I am excited about our transition to team based care. Our aim is to provide high quality, patient-centered, integrated health care while improving the patient experience. - Dr. Melissa Voutsalath

Team Base Care - Orange Pod Team Based Care - Blue Pod

Primary Care Teams consists of medical providers, behavioral health providers, nurses, a prescription refill nurse, a referral/authorization nurse, care coordinators, and administrative support staff. Teams will be color-coded in blue and orange to make navigating our system easier for our patients.

Team Based Care Rundown

For questions, please contact Audrey Reich Loy, Director of Primary Care Clinic Operations at (719) 587-8187.