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SLV Health Announces New COO Christine Hettinger-Hunt

San Luis Valley Health is pleased to announce Christine Hettinger-Hunt as Chief Operating Officer. With her newly minted degree in hand, Christine Hettinger-Hunt was ready to embark on a professional career supporting her childhood dream—to help people. She began her career providing social work services to San Luis Valley hospitals and nursing homes. Then at Valley-Wide Health Systems, Inc., she went on a 25-year journey in health care administration including program development, grant writing, quality improvement and risk management, with the last 13 years at the executive level. At the end of 2014, she joined San Luis Valley Health as the Director of Risk and Grant Management where she’s had the opportunity to work within a comprehensive health care system.

Hunt now joins SLVH’s senior leadership team in the role of Chief Operating Officer where she will continue to support operations and initiatives that strengthen the regional health care system. “SLVH’s governing board and leadership have a strong belief that we know our community best and we’re the best at taking care of our community. I have a strong connection to that mindset, with a unique set of skills, and want to work alongside our governing board, senior leadership, SLVH staff, and community members to ensure we all have access to a safe and reliable health care system,” said Hunt.

The last time SLVH had a COO was when Konnie Martin, now Chief Executive Officer, joined the organization in 2010. “We are excited to welcome Chris into this new role. She is a highly skilled and compassionate leader, one that makes everyone around her better,” shared Konnie Martin, SLV Health CEO. “Chris has committed her career to care for our community and brings great energy and skill to the COO position. As the CEO, I feel blessed to have an incredible leadership team, one that cares deeply for our community’s health.” SLVH provides regional healthcare services to those living and traveling through southern Colorado with two hospitals and five clinics. It is the largest employer of the region with over 800 employees, offering a multitude of specialty care services to care for the health and safety of the community.

Although Hunt will work at the senior level of health care administration, she still bears in mind her true vocation. “I’m fortunate to get to work in health care at a high level, but I still bring my social-work mind and heart to work every day —whether we’re working on system or process issues, helping a broad swath of patients or just one at a time—it all brings me great joy.”