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Alamosa High School Maroon Pride Awards SLVH's "Bumps & Bruises" Clinic

May, 2019. Alamosa, Colorado. At the end of the 2018-19 academic school year, Alamosa Maroon Pride hosts an athletic banquet and recognizes many teams, coaches, students and supporters. The San Luis Valley Health Sports Medicine Team was recognized for their commitment in providing support for the student athletes at AHS. SLV Health has collaborated with Alamosa High School for over 10 years by providing game coverage and a free daily “Bumps and Bruises” clinic at the Stuart Avenue Clinic. SLV Health's "Bumps and Bruises" clinic received the 2018-2019 Earl Steers Outstanding Business/Individual Award.

Four years ago, SLV Health developed a partnership with AHS by employing a trainer who was “embedded” at the school to take care of athletes, as well as teach and lead students interested in learning more about athletic training and wellness. The employed athletic trainer also provides home and away game and practice coverage, and helps coordinate student medical appointments with the Orthopedic, Chiropractic, Pediatric and Physical Therapy clinics at SLV Health.

San Luis Valley Health’s partnership with Alamosa has also expanded to include baseline concussion testing (ImPACT), an advanced “return to play” protocol for athletes who have suffered a concussion (including considerations for the classroom) and free onsite annual physicals for any student athletes enrolled in Alamosa High School and at Ortega Middle School.

Brittany Vigil is currently the full time athletic trainer at Alamosa and she is supported by her teammates Ashley Voss and Jose Uriarte, SLVH Athletic Trainers, in covering events and providing Bumps and Bruises clinics outside of Alamosa. Dr. Aaron Polzin, SLVH’s Chiropractor, is very active in helping with the Bumps and Bruises clinic as well as covering many games along with Tish Hollingsworth, PA-C, from the Orthopedics clinic. SLVH’s Sports Medicine Team is honored to be recognized by Maroon Pride.

Polzin accepts AHS award with team

L to R:

Aaron Polzin, DC, Chiropractor for SLV Health

Brittany Vigil, ATC, Trainer at Alamosa High School

Tish Hollingsworth, PA-C, ATC, CAQ, Orthopedic Clinic at SLV Health