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Sector Partnership Awards Scholarships

On July 2 during their regular meeting, the Region 8 Healthcare Sector Partnership awarded two $2,000 scholarships to healthcare students Lilliana Chavez and Melissa Bower. Both students submitted excellent applications and both demonstrate a strong commitment to healthcare in the San Luis Valley. Valley-Wide Health Systems, San Luis Valley Health, and the City of Alamosa made the scholarships possible.

“We are very proud of both applicants. They have each shown us their clear desire to work in healthcare and the San Luis Valley and we are pleased to help them in this way,” said City of Alamosa Economic Development Director Kathy Woods.

The Sector Partnership’s goal is to strengthen the healthcare pipeline for the San Luis Valley by raising awareness of local education and careers while working with partners to close gaps and enhance resources. Please contact Kathy Woods at (719) 589-2593 or visit for more information.

Photo left to right: Jordan Kemp, Rhonda Epper, Jack Wiley, Donna Wehe, Stephanie Goldbranson, Lilliana Chavez (awardee), AJ Webb, Margaret Doell, Heather Brooks, Melissa Bower (awardee), Mandy Crockett, Kylee Sowards, Eva Timberlake, Kathy Woods.