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Pampered Chef Consultant & Clients Donate Easy Meal Items to Hospital Staff

Dawn Melgares, an independent consultant for Pampered Chef, wanted to do something to benefit the front-line employees of SLV Health. So she reached out to her Pampered Chef clients, and through sales, raised enough to purchase a variety of Pampered Chef products that would allow some of the hospital staff to create quick, healthy meals. The items included a salad chopper with a bowl, microwavable pasta cooker, lunch sack sets, and sauces, and pasta. They were delivered to SLVH's Regional Medical Center in June, at a time when the staff was extremely busy and appreciative of this generous donation. “The medical staff works so hard, especially with the COVID positive patients, and I wanted to do something to lift their spirits,” Melgares said.

Dawn Melagares with donation