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SLV Health asks for help to make surgical masks

Carolyn and Michelle

Carolyn Mortensen from SLVH Payroll sewed a mask and is trying it on Michelle Gay, Lead for the newly formed Innovation Team at SLV Health.

San Luis Valley Health is reaching out to the community to ask for help in sewing fabric masks to combat a local supply shortage.

The masks will help make up for the state-wide shortage that Colorado healthcare has seen develop over the last few weeks.

SLV Health recently established an innovation team, led by Michelle Gay, SLV Health director of compliance, to coordinate the volunteer efforts of the staff and the community. Kelly Gurule, director of the SLV Health Foundation, will be leading the coordination of the creation of the masks.

”We have already had such a response of people ready and willing to help out,” Ms. Gurule said. “It is with people like this that makes the San Luis Valley strong.”

SLV Health is providing the preferred mask template, along with specific directions for compliance, on the website The mask is a double-layer mask, with the back of the mask having a cotton material, and the front of the mask having a heavier fabric, such as denim. This mask design has an interior pocket in order to insert additional filters. Here is a Facebook link with instructions.

“We are urging everyone who wants to help to share this information with others,” said Ms. Gay. “The more people that have access to it, the more everyone can help out. From all of us here at SLV Health, thank you.”

Please call to have hospital staff pick up the masks, or please drop off completed masks to the SLV Health Foundation office at 1921 Main Street in Alamosa. The office is in the SLV Health Education building, located next to Hwy 160.

To help with the creation of masks and gowns, or if you need more information about the masks, please contact Kelly Gurule by calling 719-587-5707, or by email at

For any other innovative ideas or suggestions, please contact Michelle Gay by calling 719-587-6362, or by email at

Below, a photo of the inside of the mask

Inside of mask

Below, the mask pattern with measurements