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The importance of better hearing

SLV Health Audiologist Linda Vaughan, MA, CCC-A, would like to remind people of the importance of better hearing during the month of May, the Better Hearing and Speech Month.

Hearing is important to every member of the family, from infants to seniors.

Since May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, the audiology staff at SLV Health would like to encourage the residents of the San Luis Valley to schedule an appointment with an audiologist if they suspect hearing loss for themselves or other members of their family.

“Hearing loss is a problem in people of all ages,” said Linda Vaughan, MA, CCC-A, the audiologist for San Luis Valley Health. “It can impact their lives at so many levels.”

Hearing loss can come with age, but it can also come with exposure to loud music or loud headphone use, loud recreational activities such as hunting or shooting, or even loud noises at the workplace, such as construction, manufacturing or agriculture.

Some signs of hearing loss for adults include turning up the volume on the television or radio; difficulty understanding what people are saying; not being able to hear common household sounds such as the doorbell or a dog barking; ringing in your ears; or people telling you that you are speaking loudly.

Children with unknown hearing issues have increased difficulties, which could be seen as not following directions or responding to their name, academic and social issues, and even speech and language delays.

For more information or to make an appointment about audiology services available at SLV Health, please call 719-589-8025. Information about the audiology department can also be found by visiting