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SLVH Recognizes Health Care Assistants

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Every October, Medical Assistants Recognition Week recognizes and celebrates medical assistants who help in so many different ways in the health care field. This year, the week will take place from Oct. 15 through Oct. 19. This year, SLV Health is recognizing all MA/CNA/Unit Secretaries/Ward Clerks/MAA/CMA/Techs all week.

At SLV Health, medical assistants work in outpatient as well as clinical settings. One certified nursing assistant at SLV Health spoke about what motived her to enter the medical field.

AbbyAbby Rumsey is a certified nursing assistant at SLV Health's Conejos County Hospital in La Jara, Colorado, and decided to become a CNA because she knew that she wanted to work in the medical field.

“I wanted to work in the medical field geared towards the nursing aspects of it,” she said. “I enjoy being a CNA because it allows me to provide hands-on care and interaction with people.”

Rumsey says she really enjoys seeing the patients improve throughout her weekly shifts. “I’m a social person as well, so I really enjoy building relationships with our patients and members of our community.”

Working in a critical access hospital has allowed Rumsey to help make a difference in the community.

“I really love working in La Jara because of the demographic of people we get to see and work with,” she explained. “I feel like people who live rurally, in general, are just tough, hard-working, honest people who try their best to treat others the way they’d like to be treated.”

She also appreciates watching and learning from her coworkers.

“I get to see my coworkers do incredible, life-saving things with very limited resources,” Rumsey said. “I feel as though they really make a difference in patients’ outcomes.”

Overall, Rumsey says she loves her experiences here.

“Since moving to the Valley three years ago, I have met some truly incredible people and their families,” she says. “I have gained insight and knowledge into a certain way of life and found my independence along the way. I will be finishing my nursing degree in May of 2021 and feel privileged to have the opportunity to care for the people in this community.”

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