Child COVID Vaccine Clinics

On Saturday, December 11, 2021, SLV Health hosted an event to vaccinate children ages 5-17 and offered adults COVID vaccines as well. The event was a huge success! 110 people came to get their shot, 101 of which were children. The COVID vaccine requires two shots, 3 weeks apart. 91 children received their first COVID vaccine on November 20th. SLV Health employees offered the clinic on a Saturday, and gave the kids stickers and free gifts, since getting a shot isn’t the most fun thing to do if you are a kid.

Anna Walker, SLVH Clinic Manager, appreciates the team of nurses who worked the clinics and helped things run smoothly.

The area businesses that participated were Murphy Theaters, the Sno-Shack, and Blessed Brews.  Special thanks to I-Hop, for donating free kids’ pancake meals.