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CommonWell Benefits Patients at SLV Health

San Luis Valley Health believes the optimal way to provide patients with the best care possible is by having a comprehensive view of the patient's health history.  Through the CommonWell Network, SLV Health can accomplish that.commonwell logo

SLV Health's Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, MEDITECH, is now connected to the CommonWell Network.  This is an improved way to coordinate patients' health care across different care providers.  SLV Health is pleased to provide patients the opportunity to participate in this network, which allows participating health care practitioners access to the patient's health information nationwide, regardless of where care occurs.

The participating practitioners are able to access past and present medical information to make better decisions and better coordinate care across the care teams.

What type of information will be securely shared by SLV Health? The list includes records of allergies and drug reactions; medication and immunization history; transcribed diagnostic and treatment records; procedure records; record of problems and diagnoses; and notes from the care team.

How secure is the system?  SLV Health and CommonWell take privacy and security very seriously. CommonWell does not store any of the patient's health/clinical data and uses end-to-end encryption to help ensure data is secure when sending it.

Patients may opt out of the program and can then enroll later if they change their minds. To view participating provider sites, visit