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Winter Skin Safety

During the summer, we hear a lot about sun safety to protect our skin. But did you know skin protection is equally as important in the cold months?

Melissa Voutsalath, DO, is a family medicine physician practicing with an emphasis in skin. She points out that, here in the San Luis Valley, we get a lot of sun all year round, despite some of the freezing temperatures.

“Even when it’s cloudy, we’re still getting UV exposure from the sun,” said Dr. Voutsalath.

You may bundle up to stay warm, but usually your face is still exposed. Dr. Voutsalath says people should wear sunscreen on any exposed skin all year long. Hats and sunglasses also help protect from potential damage.

It’s also important to keep skin hydrated.

“Our cold and dry climate can in turn make our skin dry. Everyone should have a good basic skin care regimen that includes good moisturizers.”

Dr. Voutsalath suggests using thick creams and ointments, rather than lotions, to moisturize and to avoid fragrances if you have sensitive skin.

Though Dr. Voutsalath works in primary care at the Stuart Avenue Clinic in Alamosa, a referral from your primary care provider to see her is not necessary. She also visits the Monte Vista Community Clinic on Fridays to address patients’ skin concerns.

If you would like to make a skin care appointment with Dr. Voutsalath, please call 719-589-8082 for Alamosa or 719-852-9400 for Monte Vista.