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Jessica Garcia is New Nursing Director

Jessica Garcia RN, BSN, CIC is San Luis Valley Health’s new nursing director in the Med/Surg and ICU departments at the Regional Medical Center in Alamosa.  

Garcia started working at SLVH in 2015 as an ICU nurse, then transitioned to the infection control practitioner in late 2017. 

When asked what she was excited about for this new position, Garcia responded: “Being back in nursing, directly involved in nursing. It’s exciting and I do miss it.” 

Garcia also mentioned that some of her goals include recruitment and retention of nurses.  She also wants to establish goals with her colleagues and the experienced staff across the nursing department, including nurses, technicians, and ward clerks.

Previously, Garcia made news in June 2021 when she earned her certificate in infection control. At the time, she explained: "You can only do your best until you know better, then you learn, and then you can do better." 

Congratulations Jessica Garcia! SLVH is lucky to have as her a member of the team.