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Nurse Recruitment Fair

On both of the Trinidad State College campuses, SLV Health nurses, paramedics, and recruiters were on-site to discuss nursing career opportunities at SLV Health with current nursing students.

Pictured below are SLV Health Recruiter Michael Sisneros, Breanna Dunn, CNA, and Kate Blount, RN at the Trinidad State College Nurse Recruitment Fair in Trinidad discussing opportunities with students.

talking to students

Over fifty aspiring nurses stopped by the SLV Health table at the Nurse Recruitment Job Fair held at Trinidad State College on April 13, 2022.  The event was held in Trinidad in the Student Union Building - Pioneer Room.

On the same day in Alamosa at the Trinidad State College Valley Campus, SLV Health employees Darrick Garcia, RN, Monica Hinds, RN, Wendi Harrison, RN, AnnaRae Martinez, RN, Brandon Sowards, Paramedic, and Tyler Hurst, Paramedic, talked to over 40 first and second-year nursing students as well.

at the nurse fair

Below, L to R: Amber Marquez, RN, Breanna Dunn, CNA, and  Kate Blount, RN in Trinidad

Watch the SLVH Nurse Recruitment Video: