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Welcome SLV Health's New Allergy Nurse

San Luis Valley Health is excited to announce Afton Hughes; RN, BSN; has started her new role as allergy nurse.  

Hughes has worked with the organization for 13 years and, before stepping into the allergy position, she worked in the medical/surgical unit. Before that, she received her Bachelor's of Nursing at Arizona State University.  

Although she’s new to the role, Hughes is already encouraging patients to see her during allergy off-season.  

“It’s important that we test for allergens while your body isn’t already inflamed.” 

The allergy clinic at SLV Health tests for environmental allergies and can identify if you’re allergic to things like pollen, pet dander, or mold.  

Hughes also mentioned that allergies can be the cause of various reoccurring problems, such as frequent sinus infections.  

The allergy clinic is located at the Regional Medical Center Clinic and can be reached at (719) 589-8025. To be referred, patients should speak to their primary care provider about the allergy symptoms they’re experiencing.