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Doctors Promote Early Reading

Reach Out and Read!


Dr. Svetlana Bresnitz, SLV Health Pediatrician, enjoys giving new books to patients, such as in this photo, reading to Katélyea & Reagan Walker.

SLV Health partners with the Reach Out and Read Colorado program to provide new, English and Spanish, age-appropriate books to children during their office visits. The provider takes time to encourage parents and guardians to read to their children and after the clinic visit, the children leave with a new book. “SLV Health providers understand that children’s language and reading skills develop at a very young age,” commented SLVH Clinic Director Antonio Gurule. “We are happy to partner with such a robust program as Reach Out and Read Colorado.” In the past year, SLV Health has provided books at five different locations and distributed over 1200 books to patients ages 6 months through 5 years of age.

Dr. Kalan and his patient, Brennan, discuss the joy of reading!